Thursday, April 5, 2012

You Know Talent When You See It!

I'm no Simon Cowell, but there are times in your life when you come across real talent, and even the untrained recognize it.  Several years ago, I had the pleasure of hearing Jackie Evancho sing before she became famous at the local Kean Idol talent contest.  When this pint-sized Pavarotti got up (I believe she was 8 at the time) and belted out Con te Partiro, goosebumps rose all over my body and tears came to my eyes.  Her talent was so extraordinary, I thought to myself, the hand of God is on her--she has been Divinely endowed. 

That is me in the black dress after handing Jackie Evancho (in yellow)  an award at the Kean Idol contest.  I stood in for my publisher that night who couldn't make it.

Much earlier in life, I also ran across another amazing talent.  My friend Marianne Krostyne made me a felt Christmas ornament in my junior year of high school that served as a gift tag for a present she had given me in a grab bag.  I don't remember what the gift was, but I remember that tag because I hang it on my Christmas tree every year.  It was painstakingly intricate and precisely beautiful.  It was apparent then that she was blessed with a special talent. 

This month as a writer and editor for Northern Connection magazine, I had the pleasure of interviewing her about her career as a theatrical costume creator.  Her work is exquisite.

I once told someone that I love to write because when I'm doing it, it feels like I'm tapping into the live wire of creation, which is God.  It is so energizing and profound. 

There are things that I have written and gone back and read years later that have amazed me that those words came from me they were so good. Clearly, they weren't from me.  They were Divinely inspired.  (The crappy passages were my work.)  Rush Limbaugh's tagline is "Talent on loan from God." That's what I feel about my writing.  Michelangelo's Creation of Adam springs to mind.  I feel like Adam reaching out and touching God.  It is the ultimate jolt.

Marianne and Jackie's work are awe-inspiring, and like all great works theirs resonate because of its beauty.  I don't know Jackie, but I do know Marianne and I'm sure she would agree that her talent is a gift from God. 

Read about Marianne in this month's edition on page 28 of the download.

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  1. Rest assured, Jackie has been noted to attribute her talent to the same Source.

    A bit of quick googling found a transcript of an interview, just to confirm my memory wasn't playing tricks on me: