Sunday, June 10, 2012

Six Sunday

Here is another brief selection from St. Anne's Day

Anne looked at the silver disc in her palm, the bas relief of a man holding a crucifix, a halo radiating about his head.  She noticed something small depicted near the bottom of the medal but couldn’t make it out. 

“They say in addition to his being the patron saint of expectant mothers that St. Gerard could also read the consciences of sinners,” Peg said. 

Anne moved toward the window where the light was brighter and squinted at the medal.  Then her breath caught as she made out the article on the medal--it was a small skull.  She felt her blood drain from her face as her peripheral vision narrowed and darkened to a tunnel of sight.


  1. Wonderful sense of tension and mystery. Great six!

  2. Great six! Wonderful gut reaction to seeing the skull. :)