Sunday, January 13, 2013


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Yesterday we touched on true love and Valentine’s Day when we were discussing St. Anne’s Day.  In the book, Anne suffers a big disappointment in the love department, which got me to thinking about those times when we aren’t “lucky in love.” 

Without giving too much away, here is an excerpt from the book where an embarrassed Anne is forced to tell Gerry, the man she is beginning to fall for, that she has not gotten engaged after she’d bragged to him that she would soon be getting married:

“Oops, you OK?” Gerry said as he grabbed her to prevent her from falling.  His fingers were strong and firm on her shoulders. 

“Oh sorry, Gerry.”  She tucked a curl behind her ear.  “I didn’t see you.”

“Delirious with love, no doubt.”

“I couldn’t find my keys.”

“I thought maybe you were blinded by the sparkle of your engagement ring.”  He took her purse. 

“Watch, your cut.” 

“I’ve got a bandage on it.  It’ll be OK.”  He grabbed her left hand.  “Let’s have a look.” 

She cast her eyes toward the tin ceiling and tapped her toe impatiently.  “Hard to be dazzled by something that’s not there,” she said sarcastically.

“He asks you to get married and doesn’t buy you a ring?  Oh what a romantic!  Have him call me.  I’ll give this rookie some pointers on how to woo a woman.”

“No need to.  I’m not engaged, Gerry.”  She tried to pull her hand away, but Gerry, looking stunned, held it tightly. 

“He didn’t ask you to get married?”

“He did and he didn’t.”

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