Sunday, November 11, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Hi Readers:
It's been busy around here.  Last Saturday, I attended St. Teresa's craft show.  St. T's is my home parish, and it was great to meet so many people who stopped by to learn about my novel St.Anne's Day and my soon-to-be released Christmas romance, A Shepherd's Song, which will be released on November 23--in time to get you into the holiday spirit.   Keep monitoring this site for more information and be sure you are signed up for my newsletter so I can notify you of the events (think fun and prizes!) associated with the novel's release.  
St. Anne's Day is selling well and gathering great reviews.  To my delight, I just discovered some great reviews of it on Goodreads.  Here is a snippet to satisfy your St. Anne's Day Sunday craving.  It is the scene after Peg's birthday when she is giving Anne one of the gifts she received that she doesn't like.  In addition to not liking the present, Peg does not like the idea of Anne considering marriage to her old friend Dr. Craig Love because she thinks Anne is the girl for her son.  Here is a scene of passive-aggressiveness if I've ever one seen one.     Rather than stating her true feelings, Peg makes her point wrapped in concern for Anne.  Enjoy!

Peg tossed it to her.  Put it in your hope chest.  Save it for your honeymoon with Craig, dear.  That is if you get to take one.  You know those doctors are never home, and I understand they have a very high divorce rate.  That’s something you should consider before you marry him.”

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