Monday, November 5, 2012

St. Anne's Day Picks Up Atypical Fans

Hi Readers:

I had a great time at St. Teresa's Craft Show on Saturday.  I sold quite a few books and enjoyed meeting so many of you. I also picked up a great pair of Christmas earrings.

My neighbor at the next table was an artist named JoAnn Diegelmann who works in a new medium (at least, it was new to me) called giclee.  As I understand it, she takes digital photos then prints them out very lightly and then paints the images in acrylics.  They were very lovely, and I can't wait to do an article on her and her work. 

However, the best part of the day came from the woman from whom my husband and I rented an apartment when we were first married 30 years ago.  She dropped by my table and told me that she already has St. Anne's Day, and plans to read it as soon as her husband is finished with it!  She said he's loving it.  I had to laugh; a 70ish man is not my target reading market, but she said he comes every day and reports on the book, saying things like "You'll never believe what Peg said," or "Oh wow, Gerry cut his hand." 

I think that's hysterically funny, and I'm very flattered.

Northern Connection, the magazine I edit and where quite a bit of my writing appears has a new format making it much easier to read online.  It is now easier to read my articles too.  Here is a link to my article this month on moving kids and cars.

Hope you enjoy it!

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