Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 2 St. Anne's Day VIP Soiree

Hi again, Anne Fans!

You may be wondering where the idea came from for St. Anne's Day.  One of those sparks of inspiration is the St. Anne prayer:

Dear St. Anne, get me a man as fast as you can.  

I attended an all-girls, Catholic high school.  The spring of my senior year in high school had the prom looming on the horizon.  Now, some schools allow people to attend the prom without dates, but back then, no one would have thought to go to the prom stag.  It would have been too embarrassing to admit that you couldn't snag a date. I was lucky; I had a boyfriend at the time.  (Well, not really--he was a real nut)  But at least I had a date, but there were several girls in my class, who didn't.

If you attended an all-girls school, you know that eligible, brothers, cousins, and male friends were rounded up as dates.  My poor brother, Tim, and cousin Rich were corralled several times by girls I knew who needed dates.  No eligible male was safe. 

However, as we were approaching the deadline for buying prom tickets, there were still some girls that needed dates.  Our Social Studies teacher, Sister Jane Frances, heard us trying to come up with dates for the other girls one day before class and like cupid in a veil, came to the rescue. 

"Say the St. Anne prayer, girls.  She'll find you dates," sister said. 

None of us had ever heard of the prayer before.  So she taught us that little rhyming prayer, and every day before class we said it in unison. 

And guess what?  It worked.  There was not one girl in the class (there were only 56 of us) that I know of that didn't get a date that wanted one. 

Now, I don't know if the St. Anne prayer is an officially sanctioned one, but it worked a miracle for my class, and I've always remembered it. 

I think many people today would love to find the right person, but I think it has become increasingly harder.    Maybe St. Anne is the answer. 

Let me know if you have ever heard of the prayer before.

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