Sunday, September 23, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Hi Happy Readers:

It Sunday again when I post a tasty morsel from my romantic comedy St. Anne's Day.
This scene takes place in the beginning of the book when Anne, our protagonist is at her parent's home, after being coerced into helping her mother, Grace, plan her pregnant sister's baby shower.  Her fastidious, domineering mother is also running vinegar through her coffee maker to clean it while they are making plans. This is Anne's reaction to her mother's suggestion that they invite Anne's obnoxious cousin Colleen.

“Colleen is such a loser,” Anne said, curling a nostril in disgust at the smell of vinegar permeating the air. “Always bragging about those big-eared brats of hers. I swear if they were to hang upside down, they’d look exactly like bats.” 

Her mother gasped. “Anne, my goodness, your tongue.” 

From behind the rustling sports page, Anne heard her father chuckle. 

It's getting chilly here in the East, so if you are looking for an entertaining book to curl up with on this first Sunday of the fall season, check out St. Anne's Day.  It's getting great reviews!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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