Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beach Book Blast - Day 2

Surf's Up, Beach Book Blasters!

Welcome to Day 2 of the Beach Book Blast.  I hope you are having as much fun as I am.  Be sure to mark your calendar to drop by the Facebook party tonight which starts at 8.  All of the authors participating in the BBB will be there.   I'll be on a from 9-9:10, and I'm looking forward to meeting you in real time.  We are also giving away goodies!  So pour yourself a cold one, slather on the sunscreen, and move your beach chair over to the party tonight--best thing is no hangovers!

Nothing goes better with the beach than romance.  So let's talk some love!  This is an excerpt from St. Anne's Day when Peg asks Anne if she believes in true love.

Peg grabbed her arm, her grip surprisingly strong. “Don’t laugh. Say the prayer. Your day will come, Anne. Just wait. You’ll see. You’ll find your true love.” 

“True love? I think that went out of style years ago.” 

“Oh, no. It never goes out of style. What does St. Paul say—‘Love never fails.’” 

Anne wished she could be as sure as Peg, but she’d seen and experienced too much to believe in fairy tales anymore. 

“You believe in true love, don’t you, Honey?” 

She thought of her parents and how they seemed made for each other. “I guess I believe it can happen for some people. But today . . . I don’t know. Times have changed. It seems rather old-fashioned.” 

Like Peg, I have some questions for you:  Do you believe in true love?   If so, do you know of any examples?

See you at the FB party tonight, and don't forget to enter the raffle at the main BBB site, where we have a tidal wave of prizes, and to the right where you can register to win the St. Anne T-shirt.  

Remember, When it's St. Anne's Day, it's your day too!

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