Thursday, August 23, 2012

Books--Sharing is Caring!

Hi Readers:

There is a little phrase I heard from a preschooler a while back that was so pithy, simple and wise, I just couldn't forget it.  Sharing is Caring.   What do you share with others?  A smile? A joke? Your bad attitude--I hope not!  I like to share books. Sharing books is one of life's little pleasures.  I've shared books with many people during my lifetime.  At present, I regularly share recommendations and swap books with my mother, sister, daughter, sister-in-law, neighbors, and co-worker.  Sharing books is a great way to strengthen a relationship.  I can still remember being in my grade school library and perusing the shelves of Nancy Drew books with my best friend and recommending my favorites to her.

Studies show that most people find their books from recommendations made by others.  Sharing books has undergone great changes over the last ten years with the rise of the Internet.  Sites like Goodreads, Shelfari, and LibraryThing allow readers to recommend and review books with thousands of people.  If you are a reader, you should really check out one of those sites and join in the sharing fun.

 BookCrossing is another fun way to share books. I've never done this but a fitness instructor told me about it.    You register on the BookCrossing site where you print out and place an ID label in your book.  Then you release that book it into the wild.  (I'm singing Born Free now!)  You can then check into the BookCrossing site and track where your book is.  More than 1.2 million book lovers around the world participate in this book sharing community.  Perhaps I will release a copy of St. Anne's Day into the wild and track it like it is a migratory bird!

The sharing of St. Anne's Day has already begun, and I thank all of you who have read the book, recommended it to others, or have posted a review about it. 

To date, I know that people in the following states are now reading it:

North Carolina
New York

I know of one person who has read it in Canada, and yesterday I shipped my first copy to Spain! I hope it goes viral.  If you are reading St. Anne's Day in a place other than those mentioned above, please send me a message.

Thanks again for getting the word out and for posting reviews.  I hope to put up photos from the launch party in the next few days so be sure to check back.

Remember, sharing is caring!


  1. Hi!

    Thanks for dropping by. If you are referring to St. Anne's Day, it is available as both an ebook and a paper book. Links are to the right for purchasing.

    If you mean BookCrossing, that is done with paper books.