Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beach Book Blast - Day 4

Hi Reader,

As they say, all good things must come to an end--but that doesn't make saying good bye any easier.  I'd love to remain in touch with you after the BBB ends. Please sign up for my email list or newsletter so I can keep you informed about the latest newss about St. Anne's Day and the upcoming release on my Christmas novel, A Shepherd's Song, where I write from the perspective of a young man--yes, I know, I need therapy!

For some stupid reason (my stupidity) the contest ended a day early for the T-shirt.  Sorry about that.  I will be notifying the winner tomorrow.  

Anyway, last night I hosted a launch party for the book at my home.  It was great fun and served some dishes that relate to the book, which I will be posting at a later date.  One of the fun things we did was to play Peg trivia.

For those of you who haven't yet read St. Anne's Day, Peg sometimes steals the show with her quips and antics.  We've played Anne trivia so I thought we'd give Peg equal time.  Look for Gerry trivia in a future post as well. 

Peg Trivia

1.  This show tried to fit people in round holes.

2.  This Peggy's star is rising while her TV boss is the "Don" Juan of advertising.

3.  This Peggy could "bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan."

4.  This popular Peg was immortalized in music by the rock band named for a sex toy. 

5. Before there Kristi Yamaguchi and Dorothy Hamill, this Peggy skated her way into our hearts.

6.  This Peg put up with a lot in her TV marriage to Al.

7.  To most of the world this Iron Lady is know as Margaret, but intimates may have called her Peg.

8.  Peg is a nickname for Margaret, which is derived from the Greek word for_____?

9.  Peggy's Cove, which sits on St. Margarets Bay is located in which Canadian province? 

10.  If you are a pirate with a wooden appendage, you might be called _____?

11. This Buddy Holly song was originally titled Cindy Lou

12.  This Peggy once served as Ronald Reagan's speechwriter.

13.  This pretty Peggy caused the Petticoat Scandal during which U.S. President's administration?

14.  This Peggy was a regular on TV game shows like To Tell the Truth and The Match Game.

15.  This Peggy was cool and "Mod" on this 70s TV show.


1.  Square Pegs; 2.  Peggy Olson; 3.  Peggy Lee; 4.  Steely Dan;  5.  Peggy Fleming; 6.  Bundy;  7.  Margaret Thatcher;  8.  Pearl;  9.  Nova Scotia; 10.  peg leg;  11.  Peggy Sue;  12.  Peggy Noonan; 13.  Peggy O'Neal;  14.  Peggy Cass;  15.  Peggy Lipton

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