Thursday, August 30, 2012

September Song

Hi Readers!

If you are a Northern Connection magazine reader and you saw the piece on the release of my novel, St. Anne's Day, in this month's issue and decided to visit my blog, thanks for stopping by.  I'm very grateful that the novel is getting great reviews--many from people I didn't even know were reading it.  Thanks so much to anyone who has posted a review.  If you are interested in learning more about the book or how to purchase it, click on the links to the right.

Also, if you are a member of Goodreads, I'm hosting a Giveaway on the site where you can register to win one of three signed copies.  If you are a reader, but have never heard of Goodreads, you may want to check it out.   

This time of the year always make me feel a bit melancholy.  School is back in session.  Daylight grows shorter and the carefree days of summer are reduced to nothing but memories or photos in an album or postings on Facebook.

However, I always remind myself about something I learned in September of 1978.  I had graduated from high school that previous May, but my first semester at Duff's Business School didn't commence until September 25.   It was the first time in my life that I could remember that I wasn't in school come September.  And you know what?  Summer really doesn't end when we flip the calendar on August.  There are many days of glorious sunshine left, flowers are still blooming, and the oppressive heat has diminished.   

So take heart, summer doesn't end until later this month and even then, fall is also beautiful.  Life is too short to be sad.  Enjoy reading St. Anne's Day!

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