Sunday, August 26, 2012

Six Sunday

Hi Readers:

It's Six Sunday so here's a little excerpt from St. Anne's Day to savor while you sip your coffee.  Careful now, laughing could make cappuccino squirt out your nose!

In this snippet, Gerry tells his elderly mother Peg, who is recovering from heart surgery, that the person who usually keeps her company while he runs his business Mac's Place, a bar, can't come on Friday night.  Peg offers another suggestion, Anne, her nurse--the girl she is trying to match Gerry with.

“Oh, no! Not Ruth,” Peg said, slamming down her fork and eyeing Gerry. She’ll spend the whole night telling me about her diverticulitis, how the gas just rolls through her bowels. She came to the hospital and went on and on so long, I almost reached back and pulled the plug on myself to put me out of my misery. Get someone else.” 

“And who do you suggest, Mother?” 

“Anne. She never has any dates.”

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