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Friday, August 17, 2012

Beach Book Blast -- Day 3

Wow, Beach Book Blaster, that was some party last night!

I had so much fun, and I'm still trying to get that confetti out of my hair.

Writers are a crazy bunch of people.  We sit at the computer all day listening to the imaginary people in our heads speak to us while never really knowing if what we are creating will touch our readers, REAL PEOPLE.  It was great to finally get to meet REAL PEOPLE! 

When I conducted my VIP launch for my Anne Fans (those who have signed up for my email and newsletters and who have helped me along the way) on July 26, the actual St. Anne's Day, we played some Anne trivia.  Click here if you'd like to try your hand at it.  

While Anne Lyons, the main character of St. Anne's Day is my new favorite Anne of all times, I was wondering who your favorite Anne of all times is?  And why?

We know Henry VIII lost his head over a pair of Annes--or I should say they lost their heads. Is it Anne of Green Gables, Raggedy Anne, Annie Lennox or maybe someone named Anne like a friend or grandmother who meant a lot to you.  Please tell us about your favorite Anne.

Don't forget to register for the raffles at the main BBB site and here on my blog.  Also, don't forget to stock up on the books offered by all the amazing authors participating in the BBB.  You can get mine by clicking at the right.

Remember, When it's St. Anne's Day, it's your day too!

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